A Community Co-Working Space

Now Open!!

Our space is still sparsely furnished, but we are open for business (with sit/stand desks even!)
at 217 E Main St, Molalla, Oregon!


What's in a name? 

Like a "brickworks" or a "steelworks" or other establishment that makes things from the material in their name, we believe in the creative power in "making" in and with our community.

But specifically, what are we doing?

Molalla Works seeks to serve the Molalla community by providing an alternative to commuting or working from home. Think coffee shop, but more focused on getting work done!

How We Got Our Start


Molalla Works was founded on the idea that life is best spent in our community, close to home and family, and with the support of like-minded and supportive people around us encouraging one another. 

Our founding members were tired of wasting their lives sitting in traffic commuting to places of employment elsewhere in the greater Portland area. Working from home, they found it hard to be productive without supportive community and with all the distractions of home (dishes, laundry, home projects, etc.) competing for attention. 

Our founding members felt that there had to be a better way of working and living. And so, Molalla Works was born...

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer...


You need a place to get things done without distractions. You want a place where you can be productive and thrive. You want a place where you can get support when you need it and be around people you can trust to give feedback or input, but only when asked. Be a part of Molalla Works

When you join our supportive and encouraging community you get:

  • Flexible desk space, choose from 1 day/week, 2 days/week, or dedicated desk space billed monthly

  • High speed WiFi internet access (hardline also available)

  • Printing services (coming soon... and don’t abuse it)

  • Free high-quality coffee

  • Peer mentoring and collaboration within the community

  • IT assistance (within reason, additional services can be negotiated at additional cost)

  • Reservable Conference Room

  • Computer rentals available at additional cost


We would also like to bring in speakers for special event evening sessions on how to grow your business, increase personal productivity, build leadership skills, etc..


Come in, choose an open desk and make it yours for the day! The Internet access is fast and the coffee is both included, locally roasted, and superb!



Advice and assistance available when you need it. "Simple" questions answered and advice provided by free by one of our founding members with over 25 years of IT experience. Additional assistance can be negotiated.

Online Shopping


We have options for you to have a permanent desk that you can make your own. Cheaper than renting your own office, with a great environment and supportive people to share your day with, but with the advantages of personalization.

Online Learning


Computers can be provided, with individual login, as needed, for additional fees (TBD)


MolallaWorks Is Now Open!

Flexible hours to meet your needs ...

Introductory Pricing

  • Flex Desks:

    • One free trial day w/ tour

    • One day/month drop in (minimum membership) $25

    • One day/week $75/mo

    • Two days/week $125/mo

    • Five days/week $200/mo

  • Dedicated Desk, $250/mo

  See our Plans and Pricing Page to sign up!


Molalla, OR 97038, USA


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